Solar Cell, Cell Phone Charging From The Sun!

Are you tired of your cell phone dying while you’re out grocery shopping, driving in the car, or in a very important meeting? Cell phones lose bottom line power cells over time, leading cell phones to hold less and less of a charge even when plugging it in over night. You can’t afford a new battery or a new phone and you’re tired of walking around with a brick in your pocket or purse. Well look no further, the Solar Cell is your portable charging answer! With Solar Cell, simply plug it into your cell phone and let the sun panel absorb sun light and turn it into cell phone power!

The Solar Cell is a unique and portable device that allows you to charge your phone any time, anywhere during the day. And if it’s night out, simply plug your phone in and let the Solar Cell charge your phone with the stored energy it received from the sun that day (good for up to 1 charge @ night).  Or, you can plug the Solar Cell up to your computer through USB for even more power stored in this little charging device at night! Make sure you get the Solar Cell, save time, save money, and SAVE POWER!

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