Shruggies Keep Your Arms Covered

Shruggies are exactly what I asked for. Shruggies are made from thin, smooth material that keeps my arms warm while compressing them. We older gals know how it feels to raise an arm and wave, only to have our lower arms keep moving after the wave has stopped. These “chicken wings” have lead to me keeping my arms down and covered with loose fabric. Not anymore with my Shruggies! The fabric compresses the loose skin and keeps it pulled in where it was years ago. My arms look young and toned again when I have my Shruggies on.

It comes in multiple colors so I can wear one with any outfit. I don’t have arm tattoos but I bet it would be a great way to cover them up. It goes on flawlessly under any shirt without all the bulk of wearing another full shirt. The fabric is smooth and does not catch on the shirts I wear over it. This lets the shirt hang naturally as if it was over only skin.
The thin material is surprisingly warm. Once they are on they will stay put, unlike a shawl.

I can throw my Shruggies into my purse in case there are any changes in the weather. No chills will creep up on me!

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