Refinishing Kit for Dummies – Bathrooms, Kitchens, Showers, and More!

After months and months of just spraying that “after shower” mix all over your beautiful bathroom tile, the soap scum is starting to win. It’s only natural to go out, by ahard sponge, some tile cleaner or soft scrub and start lathering it up; only to come out smelling like bleach and a mess. Not only that, but your edges and caulking is filled with scum, dirt, and weird fungus looking green gunk. What is that?

Meet the Refinishing Kit for Dummies. Now you can refinish your bathroom, from head to toe, including re-caulking, re-finishing, and re-surfacing multiple materials. I definitely will be purchasing this kit in a box. You know how hard it is to figure out all the different techniques and products needed to really get your bathroom sparkling? About a hundred trips to Home Depot later and you’ll not only end up with a mess on your hands, but your bathroom will look a mess and you’ll have to return dozens of things you didn’t even need in the first place.

Now, the pictures from the original site are little on the skeptical side, being tha the finished bathrooms and sinks look literally brand new off the line. Then again, I’ve seen some great refinishing jobs done in bathrooms, so I don’t doubt this is legit. The Bathroom Kit for Dummies seems like a good investment to me. Why wouldn’t it be? Check out the details below and decide for yourself.

So Easy Anyone Can Do It

* It’s easier than ever to have a new bathroom in your home or apartment

* Refinish any surface including porcelain, tile, fiberglass, laminate, Formica, acrylic, even painted or stained wood!

* Increase your home’s value by remaking your bathrooms

* Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Offer Includes

* Single Kit Includes
– Bath, Sink & Tile Refinishing Kit for Dummies
– Easy To Use Roller & Pan
* Double Kit Includes

– 2 Bath, Sink & Tile Refinishing Kits for Dummies
– DAP Caulking Tube & Removal Tool
– 2 Easy To Use Roller & Pans (large and small size)
* Triple Kit Includes
– 3 Bath, Sink & Tile Refinishing Kits for Dummies
– 2 Easy To Use Roller & Pans (large and small size)
– 1 DAP Caulk Tubes
– 1 Caulk Removal Tool
– 1 Sprayer for hard to reach areas

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