Raptor Mount TV Wall Mount Installs In Minutes

The Raptor Mount TV Wall mount can install a wall mounted tv in literally minutes. The raptor mounts use special reverse weight tension technology that holds your flat screen, led screen, or plasma tv and attached the television to the wall with ease. There’s not studs, mollys, or screws required, just the required tool kit and you’re ready to go! It can holds two times the amount of a 60″ Television; it’s THAT awesome.

Now I was pretty skeptical on this mount. It’s pretty much a punch tool based tension mount that’s free holding. I would be scared out of my mind trying this out in thought of my brand new $2000 plasma crushing into the ground because I wanted to buy some cheap $20 TV wall mount product. Now, it comes with a free laser guided level which is nice, but those are dime-a-dozen and I don’t think offering that to me would be the best alternative to a destroyed television. They’re pretty confident in their product but maybe I’d test it with something similarly sized to a tv? Haha. Maybe that’s a little too paranoid, but I’d rather be safe then sorry.

Raptor Televsion Wall mount as seen on tv…I don’t know about this one, but it’s a decent re-marketing of a present product (like most others). I’ll rate this one a C-.

3 thoughts on “Raptor Mount TV Wall Mount Installs In Minutes

  1. I was skeptical too, but I bought 2 kits to try it out. It is awesome!

    I used it first on a 42″ for my daughters room and it was up in 10 minutes. Like the informercial, I hung on the tv pretty hard to see if it was solid and it did not move.

    Afterward, I hung two tv’s in my wife’s office (46″) and had the same experience. Since the mount screws into the back of the TV it stays flush to the was really well.

    I found this site because the getraptormount.com website has been down for about a month, and I was looking to find a way to buy more mounts and came across this post.

    I was very skeptical like everyone else, but they are great if you want a cheap and easy flush mount solution to hanging your flat screen on the wall.

  2. I also used this product to mount a television and I found the product to be true to it’s word. The is, I can’t find another site to order the device again. I would like to purchase another set to mount several other televisions in my home and office.

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