Planet Pleaser Digital Screen Cleaner Safe The Environment

A lot of people use screen cleaners and electronic wipes that contain chemicals, leave residue, and just isn’t good for the environment. Your tired of using these products and you’d rather have something to that would benefit the environment, be  safer for you to use, and better for the overall use of the product. Meet Planet Pleaser, the digital screen cleaner that’s safe for the environment. But, do you really need this overly saturated, done 1000 times product?

I personally cannot see this doing anything on the as seen on tv market. With the literally hundreds of cleaning wipes and products for screens and electronics, this Planet Pleaser is unfortunately a huge waste of time for both the consumer and the seller. The market is saturated, we all know where to buy non-toxic, hypo allergenic products to clean screens, Lysol, and Clorox makes them just to name a few. Save your time and your money by skipping this product and going somewhere else.

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