Micro Plus Gives you Super Hearing

The Micro Plus by Bell & Howell, a prominent purveyor of consumer life-enhancement products, has introduced the Micro Plus. The Micro Plus, like many hearing enhancement products we’ve seen in the past (we wouldn’t necessarily call them “hearing aids”), claims to enhance and amplify sound that your ears would otherwise have trouble hearing. The Micro Plus hearing aid is a great tool for those who might want to clarify and “upgrade” their sense of hearing, while maintaining dignity and the cash in their pocketbook! Hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars, but the Micro Plus is set at a price affordable enough for just about anyone to purchase one (or two).

The Micro Plus is a discreet device – it looks like a normal cellular phone headset, but it provides, according to the manufacturer:

  • Amplifies sound up to 100 feet away and up to 50 decibels
  • Small, lightweight, discreet
  • Adjustable volume amplification
  • Super flexible, as it fits either ear
  • Includes soft tips for a comfortable fit
  • 2 thoughts on “Micro Plus Gives you Super Hearing

    1. Where can I see one of the hearing aids as seen on TV?

      Is there one at the “As seen on TV” store in COncord Mills,COncord, NC?

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