LCD Sunglasses – Do They Work?

LCD technology has been around a while. Smart glass has been growing in popularity – with a built in LCD screen, you can tint the glass at the push of a button. This, however, is the first time we have ever come across LCD Sunglasses. The technology is cheap enough and low power, we were surprised that someone hasn’t thought of this yet!

LCD Sunglasses work on a simple principle – apply a little bit of power to an LCD screen, and it dims. If you apply more (up to a limit), the LCD panel gets even darker. It’s the same tech used in those cheap calculators that have been around a while! I remember as a schoolkid taking them apart and examining the LCD screen inside. The little glass bit on the outside was polarized, so if you rotated it, the screen would turn black! I’m not sure if that’s relevant, but here we are.

The advantage to LCD Sunglass technology is that you can adjust the strength of the glasses to your liking. On a bright summer day, you can crank the level to Max! Or, if you are inside and just have some glare coming in from your windows, you can set them to a more subtle setting.

There is no indication yet as to the battery life of these sunglasses – we assume it’s more than you’d think, as this tech is pretty energy efficient.

Let us know your thoughts on LCD Sunglasses – are they the latest eye wear trend or a flop?

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