Half Time Drill Driver – Drill in Half the Time!

Household repair projects can take forever. Switching drill bits and drivers out takes away precious time you could be doing better things – like finishing the jobs! Lucky for us handyfolk (and some not so handy), the HalfTime drill driver solves this problem for us. It’s simple – just insert a driver into one end and a drill bit into another. Hanging a painting? No problem – just create a guide hole with one end, flip it over and in under 5 seconds you’re putting the screw into the wall.

This tool is perfect for anyone handing a drill – first-timers to seasoned pros can benefit from the ease and speed provided by the half time drill driver.

2 thoughts on “Half Time Drill Driver – Drill in Half the Time!

  1. Hey, Came across this site through my friends facebook link. I just wanted to say that i think this site ROCKS!! I will be bookmarking it FOSHO!!!

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