EzEggs A Faster Egg Peeler

Anyone who’s ever peeled hard boiled eggs has been there – you cook a bunch of them and now you are left with a bunch of hard-to-peel snacks. Sure, there are the tried and true methods – putting eggs in an ice bath, or rolling them in your hands, but who wants to fiddle with that mess?

The Pitch

EzEggs is a tool to peel up to five hardboiled eggs in a matter of seconds. White or brown – it doesn’t discriminate – but we recommend the eggs actually be cooked, raw eggs “peel” pretty easily.

Anyway, it works like this – you pop the eggies in the device, and shake / rattle / roll it for a few seconds (in their estimation, about ten), and et voila! In a matter of moments, you have freed your eggs from their shell bondage and they are free to eat!

Does It Work?

We haven’t gotten our hands on yet, but we imagine under the right circumstances, this product could work pretty well. I can’t think of another tool I have seen that allows you to peel eggs this way, and it looks like a fun tool to use (it’s see-through so you can watch the action!).

If you buy it, please let us know in the comments how well this product works!

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