Digitech Converter A Simple, Fast Way to Transfer Home Movies

My mother once presented me with a stack of video tapes and proclaimed “I need you to put these on the computer!” To her, the proposition seemed simple enough – there had to be a way to just connect the ole’ VCR to a computer and “burn” movies to it, right? Well, not quite. See, I am rather tech savvy and had dabbled in this sort of thing before, so I knew the sort of stuff I’d have to buy to get the job done. Well, after finding a VCR from a garage sale, cleaning the heads up on the thing, getting some A/V cables out of the dusty parts bin and plugging the thing in, I was still left with the question of what kind of “converter” to buy?

The reviews weren’t all that great for many of them, to be quite honest. The one I ended up settling on set me back about a hundred bucks in cash, and I was finally ready to rock!

When I came across the DGTech, or Digitech converter, I was surprised at the price point – $29.95 (plus presumably shipping and handling) for something I paid $100 for? Plus, this one includes the software to do the transferring as well. I haven’t to try this unit yet, so if you buy one, let us know how it works in the comments!

Why transfer old video tapes to DVD with a tool like the Digitech?
VHS tapes can degrade over time. Humidity and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on the magnetic tape inside, and at one point, they just fade completely. Transferring to digital means you can upload your home movies to the cloud or burn them as DVDs. DVDs of home movies make great gifts as well!