Clean Zone CPAP Cleaning Machine – Does It Work?

The Clean Zone Now CPAP Cleaning machine solves a necessary need for most CPAP users – how do you keep the machine clean?

Health Benefits of a Clean CPAP

Because the CPAP is always hooked to your mouth and nose while you were using it, it is likely to collect all sorts of bacteria that you were breathing and transfer them from the surface to your lungs throat and mouth.also while using a CPAP you are creating a moist humid environment which becomes a breeding ground for germs that can get you sick. A clean CPAP will also smell better and be more effective with a regular cleaning.

How often to clean a CPAP?

It is always recommended to change your CPAP filters regularly as they trap germs bacteria and allergens in them.

A CPAP is usually a chore it is recommended to clean your CPAP mask everyday, filters once a week and the hose once a week.

CPAP Mask Cushions or pillows should be cleaned every day, along with the humidifier chamber.

The most commonly recommended method to cleaning a CPAP machine is mild soap and water but those don’t always do the job.

CPAP cleaning solution operates as a disinfectant and is added to water for an effective solution to remove germs from your CPAP hoses and mask.

How the Clean Zone CPAP Cleaning Machine Works

The Clean Zone CPAP sanitizer is designed to produce activated oxygen quickly and efficiently to reach all the surfaces inside of your CPAP machine mask and tubes. Marketing materials claim that it kills 99% of germs and bacteria.

The clean zone machine is small and portable wing less than a half pound. It’s universal design it is designed to clean every type of CPAP machine and it is easy to use with a single button start. As far as maintenance the machine includes a lithium ion battery and is supposedly maintenance-free.

The offer includes a clean zone CPAP cleaning machine two CPAP tube adapters and a CPAP mask sanitizing bag. also a deluxe option up sale that includes CPAP wipes.

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