Breeze Blast Portable Cooler Keeps You Comfortable

Breeze Blast is billed as a personal air conditioning system. The product looks a lot like a double-walled mug, like the kind you would keep a cool drink or a cup of coffee in. This means it fits nicely into any cup holder, whether that’s in your car, boat or favorite camping chair.

How Does Breeze Blast Work?

The system uses a passive cooling method. The Breeze Blast Cooler’s fan sucks air into one side of the unit and creates an air vortex. This air passes through the built-in ice packs in the cooler, cooling it down quickly and efficiently, before leaving the other side up to twenty degrees cooler.

The built-in battery pack is supposed to provide up to forty minutes of run time, and the cooler recharges using a USB cable. With a portable USB battery pack, you could extend this unit’s runtime.

The only drawback to this that we can think of is how long the ice in the unit stays cool. With a fan actively blowing to dissipate cold, the internal cold packs will lose heat a lot more quickly than say, ice in your favorite thermos.

The Positives

The upside to this product seems clear – it can be a challenge to find refreshment when one is out and about during the summer, and this product aims to provide some level of comfort on sweltering hot days. The fan itself should provide a nice cooling breeze, and coupled with the built in chiller, it probably would serve as a quick relief, even in small doses when it’s hot outside.

The Negatives

The battery life at 40 minutes seems a bit short, but you could power cycle it at strategic moments to get quick relief.

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