Bell+Howell Microcam a Great Gift

Bell & Howell introduces the Microcam, one of the world’s smallest, fully HD DV camcorders from one of the premiere technology innovators in the United States.

It’s smaller than your pinky finger, yet is capable of recording high-resolution digital video and still photos with audio. The camera’s wide-angle lens captures all the action, negating the need to point and shoot at whatever you are trying to record. It allows the video capturer to star in their own action shots, recording all the action during your favorite bike ride, ball game, birthday party, or any other creative situation!

It can be activated manually and through sound. It is easily concealed, so you can discreetly record the action without getting caught.

Worried about battery life? It comes with a 3-hour battery charge capability and a high-capacity 2 gb storage capacity, for more than 4 hours of video. The USB cable the camera comes with gives you easy connectivity to upload and share your videos on the web.

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