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Veggetti Lets You Create Veggie Spaghetti

Veggetti (what a name!) is a great-looking product with a simple promise: Turn veggies into tasty pasta. Diabetics and Low Carb dieters rejoice! The Vegetti turns veggies such as zucchini into strands of a vegetable pasta that is said to pair great with many pasta sauces. We also see the potential to use the Veggetti as a noodle maker for Pad Thai or other “noodle” dishes. Why give up noodles altogether when you can make a tasty alternative? The Veggeti is dishwasher safe and ergonomic.

The vegetable spaghetti tool is also adjustable so you can make thin or thick cuts for the perfect texture! The Vegetti features 12 stainless steel blades for quick slicing.

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