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The Itz Magic Smart Bag

Are you tired of carrying around that heavy, bulky purse that’s always sliding off your arm? It becomes especially inconvenient when you are shopping and must babysit your shopping cart because if you don’t put your purse down it gets in your way!  The Itz Magic Smart Bag is convenient to carry with it’s across the body sling design and adjustable 22″ strap.

Never fumble around in your purse for your keys, pens, or cell phone again with the Itz Magic Smart Bag’s 27 compartments and pockets.  The 10 pocket holders inside the purse make it easy to hold and see your credit and discount cards, also eliminating the need of a bulky wallet.  Two straps attached to the inside of the purse hold your keys so you don’t have to dig around for them.  A cell phone holder is conveniently placed outside near the top of the purse so you’ll never miss a call because you can’t find your phone.  There are 2 pen holders sewn inside the purse.  The inside zipper pocket and outside zipper pocket stores anything else you don’t want to leave loose in your purse.  There is still plenty of room inside the purse to hold your water bottle and/or wallet.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience with the Smart Bag!  Itz Magic comes in 7 colors of its rip proof nylon style.  There are also 3 colors available in genuine lambskin leather.  At  12″W x 9″-14″H,  the Magic Bag is also a convenient sized purse.

The Itz Magic purse is affordably priced at $19.99 in the nylon style and $34.98 for the leather style.

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