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Strutz, The Human Shock Absorbers

Strutz are billed as the world’s best arch-support product. Strutz Arch Supports feature a cushioned pad and a medical-grade compression band, providing a supportive base for your whole body. The Strutz effect isn’t just for feet, either. This perfect alignment and balancing of your soles immediately has an effect radiating up your entire body, supporting you from head to toe.

Alignment – Posture of the spine, balanced movements, and proper arch support are essential to keeping you comfortable when on your feet. For problems with hips, legs, feet and back, Strutz may be just the ticket.

Strutz are a tried and true product. They were introduced to the medical community, and immediately taken on by doctors everywhere, prescribing them to patients to reduce pain and discomfort from common foot problems that affect balance and posture, contributing to other ailments throughout the body.

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One Response to “Strutz, The Human Shock Absorbers”

  1. Have had calluses on bottom of feet, bunions, and arches that ache.
    Have used everything from inserts, orthotics etc.and spent big bucks on shoes that I thought would solve the problem..
    Saw Strutz at the drugstore and deceided to try them.
    They are WONDERFUL. I can actually walk without any part of my feet hurting.
    Thankful to whoever discovered the STRUTZ !!!!!

    Posted by dona | January 11, 2013, 7:31 pm

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