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Cypher Kids a 3D World In Your Hand

3D augmented reality is here to stay. The Cypher Kids 3d learning system is a cool, fun and educational way to learn about animals in 3D glory! The Cypher system works like magic… letting you play with 3d animals right in the palm of your kids’ hands! Hear the rumbling lion’s roar, watch the elephant drink, or check out the eating giraffe. It’s quite simple – pick the 3D animal you want to check out, go online to Cypher’s website, and watch the amazing tracking system read your card and bring the animal to life!

It’s a great way to learn and play. Never before has this technology been so available and so realistic. Sit a lion on your shoulder, or let an iguana tramp across the desk. The only limit to the fun is your imagination! The Cypher Kids system is the newest and coolest way to learn and play!

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